John Roney / Tevet Sela

New Album: Mizmor (February 2019)

Tevet Sela and Jason Rosenblatt's Mizmor is a fiery and exotic collection of original music inspired by the ancient cantillations of old Morocco, the uplifting klezmer melodies of Eastern-Europe and the glorious modal improvisations of John Coltrane.

This collaborative project showcases the extreme versatility of alto saxophonist Tevet Sela, a creative force with a luscious tone who brings a rare wealth and breadth of influences to his playing. This adept and dexterous post-bopper’s music is often drenched in heavy blues and the Middle-Eastern inflections of his Israeli cultural heritage.

He is joined by composer and pianist Jason Rosenblatt. With a touch that blends 60s jazz with the insistence and drive of Jewish dance music, Rosenblatt’s penchant for the music of Eastern Europe rounds out this project and provides Mizmor with a complete spectrum of sounds from East to West.


Tevet Sela
T +1.514.281.1152  

Jason Rosenblatt
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Montréal (Qc)

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