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"An intriguing concert for all who love innovative and exciting jazz … Tevet Sela Quartet presents an intelligent and skillful mix of classical harmonies with a Kleizmer influence and North-African rhythms... " - Time Out Magazine

"Tevet Sela follows a sense of 'let it go', when this magical moment happens, his saxophone will shrill, snarl and weep every note to collide into a turning mass of sounds. Tevet Sela injects a high skill onto this release with creativity, spontaneity and passion, offering a very original music which is certainly worth the time." - Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez, JazzReview.com

« A recording which should have jazz fans around the country taking notice...An undeniably adventurous feeling underpins this album and gives it the kind of glow emanating from late 50s jazz releases as Sela's fine compositions unfold » - Rod Nicholson, London Scene Magazine

« A beautiful alto sound to be savored slowly, with a precision that sides the quality of his compositions » - Christophe Rodriguez, SortiesJazzNights.com

« Montreal saxophonist Tevet Sela plays like hell on his CD Lying Sun... He's versatile, and has a nice warm tone » - Chris Smith, Winnipeg Free Press


Tevet Sela is a Montreal-based saxophonist and composer of Israeli origin. In his repertoire, Tevet weaves Jazz with elements of Klezmer, African and Middle Eastern music.

He started his professional musical career while he was in his teens and began to compose and perform frequently. He became a much sought-after session player, playing at house bands of popular Israeli television shows as well as contributing his unique sound to many albums, TV and film soundtracks. Among these albums, Tevet played on the multi-platinum ‘’Idan Raichel Project’’ album.

Tevet, a graduate of the prestigious Thelma Yellin School of Arts, has toured in France and the Netherlands as its big band featured soloist. He was featured in an international UNICEF benefit concert that was broadcasted from the Netherlands to 35 countries and that featured artists such as David Bowie, Youssou N'dour, Al Jarreau.

In addition, Tevet holds a diploma in music education, and won several scholarships and grants from the America-Israel cultural fund and the Canada council for the arts. The 4 albums Tevet released as a leader: '’Tevet Sela’', '’Coming True’', ‘'Jazz Flute’' and '’Lying Sun'’, are frequently played by radio stations such as the BBC, CBC (Radio-Canada), Israeli radio, Jazz.fm and many more.

Since his moving to Montreal in 2010, Tevet became a prominent figure in the vibrant Canadian jazz scene. His first Canadian album, ‘’Lying Sun’’ (Effendi/Naxos), gained raving reviews. The album remained 1st on CIBL Montreal radio jazz chart for many weeks.

Tevet has performed in many international jazz festivals and venues, and was nominated to both the '’TD Grand Jazz award’' and the '’Prix Opus'’ for 2015, in the category ‘'Jazz concert of the year’'.



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