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Flute lessons in Montreal with Tevet Sela

Private flute lessons with Tevet Sela are both fun and fruitful. Tevet has 15 years of experience as a music teacher and 25 years of experience as a professional musician, composer and performer. Throughout the years Tevet has developed his own unique teaching techniques that walk the student step by step from the basics of playing the instrument to advanced improvisational concepts.   

Tevet’s teaching program includes:

  • Sound production – Breathing correctly, building a strong and flexible embouchure, developing fast tonguing, volume control, vibrato and overall flexibility.
  • Reading music and interpreting it. Phrasing and using articulation and expression.
  • Harmony/Music theory – A simple yet effective step by step method, developed by Tevet, for learning chord symbols and related scales. Emphasis on building technique and making it useful in actual playing.
  • Time/Groove – Exercises for maintaining a steady time feel. This is a must for any style of music.
  • Traditional and current styles - Classical, blues, jazz/bebop, funk – r&b, rock. Concentrating on feel and authenticity.
  • Extra Bonus - Online support from Tevet between lessons.

Levels: beginner to advanced (no age limit).

Questions? feel free to contact Tevet at: tevetsela@gmail.com or at 514-5665933 for more information.

Prices: $40 for one hour lesson.



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